Electronic Giving

Parish Giving stationery [Converted]

Forget your envelopes sometimes when you come to Church?

Hate having to write out checks each week?

Sign up for Electronic Giving through the Parish Giving Program (operated by the John Patrick Company who also publish our weekly bulletin).  This service allows you to set up all of your contributions for the year at once!  Funds can be put on a credit card or withdrawn from your bank account – you choose.  It is safe and easy and helps our Church – all at NO FEE to you!  Click HERE to get started!

There is another way!  Contact your bank and have them set up an automatic check to be mailed to St. Raymond for your tithe (the provide this service for FREE).  They will mail us the check once a month (thus, the amount is your weekly tithe times four) with your parish envelope account number included.  We will credit your account and you can still use your envelope when you come to Church (it has a “I give electronically” box you can check and just put in an empty envelope if you choose).

If you have questions on this, please call Lou Tonelli in the Parish Office at 215-549-3760.

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