Holy Orders: Bishop, Priest & Deacon


Holy Orders is a Sacrament through which the ministry of Jesus Christ the High Priest continues in the Church and our world.  In His ministry on earth, Christ established a Church and promised to remain with the Church ALWAYS.  One of the ways that Christ has done this is through the ministry of the Bishop, Priest and Deacon.

Bishops are successors to the apostles.  The are chosen by our Holy Father, the Pope, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The serve the Church as Shepherds: seeking to sanctify the people, teach us and govern us as well.

The Priest served as a co-worker of the Bishop, ministering to the people of God in a variety of settings.  Some priests are members of religious communities (Jesuits, Franciscans, Josephites, etc.) while others are what are called Secular Priests (literally meaning worldly since they live in the midst of the world with the people of parishes where they minister).  In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church it is the norm for priests to exercise their ministry as celibates (not marrying) so that they might more perfectly imitate Christ’s  inclusive love for all people.  If you feel God may be calling you to the priesthood, CLICK HERE.  and WATCH THIS VIDEO. If you would like to understand why the priesthood is reserved to men only, CLICK HERE.

Since the earliest days of the Church, the Bishop has also been assisted by Deacons whose primary service is one of charity.  In addition, Deacons baptize, assist at the Eucharist and preach the Good News.  Married men may be ordained as Deacons (although if their wife dies, they assume the vow of celibacy as well).  If you feel God may be calling you to explore a vocation as a Deacon CLICK HERE.

Dear Father God, Shine your light upon me so that I may see my true vocation. Give me the grace to hear your word and be an example to others of your love for us. I pray for all  Bishops, Priests and Deacons, Consecrated Men & Women, Married People, Singles, and for all who are listening to your call, that they may answer you in their vocation. Thank you for sending your son Jesus – Lord of the Harvest – help me to follow His example. May I freely, courageously and lovingly respond. Amen.

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