Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras

Please join us on Saturday, February 22nd from 7pm until 10pm for some wonderful fellowship as we prepare for Lent. The event is BYOE (bring your own food and drinks; adult beverages are welcome). There is no cost! We will have a DJ and dancing as well as light snacks and King Cake! Kids are welcome (activities for them as well as pizza and juice will be provided).

Please let us know you are coming by signing up in the back of Church, calling the Parish Office at 215-549-3760, sending an email to Brandi, our Office Manager or completing the form on Eventbrite.

We look forward to celebrating with you. Please bring your friends and family or come by yourself. All are most welcome!

St. Raymond Documentary


In September 2019 a film crew from California visited Saint Raymond to capture a spirit of the parish and our Pastor for a TV program called Sunday to Sunday which airs on the internet as well as a variety of Catholic Cable Networks across the United States.

The production was recently and here is the film. Please watch it and share with others in the way you desire and think will bear fruit for the kingdom!

May God continue to bless the growth of our Church so that more disciples of Jesus will be a blessing to our city, state and nation!



MLK Day 2020

MLK quote

On Monday, January 20th our nation pauses to honor the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please consider joining us for one or two of the opportunities being made available. Sadly, in recent years, there has been very low turn out from our Parish Community for the events on MLK Day. May this be the year to change that trend and move it in the opposite direction. Mark your calendars and use the day in ways that make a difference for you and for others.

2020 MLK Flier


Christian Maturity – Week 2


As we continue our Advent Journey, we are still reflecting on our call to Christian Maturity.

Listen to Father Chris’ SERMON on “Hitting the Wall” and getting through it with Jesus!

Week Three Handout

Please be sure to join us this weekend (Saturday at 5pm or Sunday at 8 or 10am) for our fourth and final sermon in this series.

Christmas Eve will be at 7pm

Christmas Day Mass will be at 9am (no 8am or 10am Mass on Christmas).

All are welcome to join us on Christmas Day for our Home for Christmas gathering from 10am until 3pm. Join us to serve or join us as a guest. Noone should be alone on Christmas!

Spiritual Maturity – 1st Week

advent 2018

As we begin the Season of Advent, Father Chris is preaching a sermon series on Spiritual Maturity. If you misses the homily last week, please make time to listen by clocking HERE.

Here are some notes he shared as well for all of the community to spend time in reflection on our growth as humans in Jesus Christ!

The Spiritually & Emotionally Mature Christian

  1. Have you ever thought about Christians needing to be mature in their view of God, self, others and the world?
  2. Review the signs of an “immature” Christian, do you see any of these things in yourself?
    1. Hatred of change (I want things to stay the same and when they are not I become more controlling)
    2. Lack of intimate relationships (I have friends but things never get to a deep level of honesty or sharing; I do the things of God but avoid intimacy with Him too)
    3. Instant gratification (I find a quick fix to my pain or struggles so I can feel good, even if for a minute; there is no place for suffering)
    4. Highly sensitive (knowing that feelings are good, this implies overreacting to things and favoring drama in a way unlike the response of Jesus)
    5. The world is black and white (I need to make sense of things at all times and do not allow for mystery or God’s presence in circumstances that are not yet clear)
    6. Lack of healthy boundaries (I try to do it all, I am often “out of my lane” in ways that often upset others)
  3. Have there been “storms” in your life that are perhaps signs that you are not as spiritually and emotionally healthy as you could be at this point on your journey?
  4. As you look “beneath the surface” (recall that 90% of the iceberg is under water), what are some of the emotional wounds you carry with you from your family of origin or other relationships and experiences that have hurt you?
  5. How can you begin to create a quiet place in your life (at least 10 minutes a day) where can begin to experience God and His amazing plan for you as He shows you how to walk in His ways and He instructs you in His paths?
  6. What are you feeling today (angry, sad, worried, grateful)? Talk about this feeling with God.

Be sure to join us this weekend for the second homily in the series. Father Chris will also be available for confessions before and after Masses this weekend and the following weekend. Let the Lord love you through His mercy.

Advent Small Group Series

advent 2018

Our Small Groups for Advent are underway (we are already in Week Three). Praise God for the awesome movements of grace that are happening. We have almost 100 people participating (more than last Advent).

If you missed a week, or were not able to join a group this year, check out these discussion guides and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your spritual renewal in these weeks of Advent!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Have a blessed week…see you in Church!


Home for Christmas

advent 2018

Have you been in the stores recently and noticed that Christmas Shopping is in full swing? We do not want to get left behind at St. Raymond and we too are getting ready for our Home for Christmas event. This event takes place on Christmas Day when we welcome more than 200 guests from homeless shelters across the City of Philadelphia. They will be served by more than 200 volunteers who set up in the days before Christmas and on Christmas Day. Can you help?

Do you want to purchase items that will be given as gifts to those who come? You can take a tag from our Giving Tree during Advent who do some ONLINE SHOPPING with this new addition this year!

Do you want to prepare a tray of food that will be served at our Christmas Dinner that day? Sign up in the back of Church or use this wonderful tool (also new this year) to sign up for what you will prepare in a full size aluminum tray and deliver to us cooked on Christmas morning.

Do you want to volunteer your time? Why not sign up for a team? Please sign up on one of the lists int he back of the Church or email your name and phone number to our Office Manager Brandi Rose who will get you on the list. Here are the Teams you can join…

  • Decorating – they transform the Parish Hall/School gym into a beautiful and welcoming place that makes all of our guests feel like they are celebrating Christmas. 
  • Food Prep & Service – some will gather starting at 6am to receive and prepare food donations while others will take shifts working the buffet line or keeping the trays filled. Of course some will wash dishes as well
  • Hospitality – this team welcomes our guests, shows them to a table and makes sure the have all they need while they are with us; in addition they sign in volunteers and help keep people’s belongings safe at the coat check
  • Blessing Shop – this team sorts and displays all of the gifts we have for our guests and then oversees the shopping experience for our guests
  • Kids Table – this folks lead our many young guests in playing games, doing arts and crafts, getting nails done and more
  • Facilities – this Team moves tables and chairs into place, makes sure the floors are clean and the bathrooms are working all throughout the day
  • Clean Up (3pm) – these saints show up at 3pm and help us put things away, clean the space and get back to normal at St. Raymond until next year

There will be a meeting for all volunteers on December 3rd at 7pm in the Hall. Please be sure to join us.