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When dealing with any type of problem, we must remember that we are Blessed by the Best!  God’s amazing grace will see us through any problem if we just open ourselves to His loving goodness.  Be open to God, it just might change your life!

Are your pregnant and unsure of what to do?

  • Please know that there are many people ready to help you and your baby.  Your unborn child is a gift to be cherished.
  • Visit this Story before you do anything, this woman understands what you are feeling
  • Visit I Am Pregnant to learn about all of your options
  • Visit Live Action to learn about the lies told by Planned Parenthood before you ever call them!
  • Visit The Truth about Abortion to realizing that this “choice” is not as good as many think
  • If you are ready to talk to someone, call the Parish Office at 215-549-3760 or call the Hotline at (any time, day or night) 1-800-238-4269 or 215-545-HOPE.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Are you having problems with your marriage?

  • Consider contacting your Parish Priest or a Marriage Counselor to help you and your spouse sort through the difficulties and begin working on solutions.
  • Visit RETROUVAILLE to learn more about opportunities to begin again
  • Visit the US BISHOPS Marriage Website for exciting ideas to strengthen your marriage
  • NEVER give up; God’s grace is always amazing.

Are you having problems with drinking?

  • If you have been thinking that your drinking is “out of control” or others have told you this, now is the time ot get help.
  • Visit Alcoholics Anonymous to learn more about this disease
  • Visit The Calix Society to learn about Alcoholism and Catholicism
  • If you life with or love someone who is an Alcoholic, visit Al-Anon
  • If you want to talk with someone, please call 215-923-7900

Are you having problems with drugs?

  • Problems with drugs are not easily solved.  Most people are only able to recover through help of other people.
  • Visit Narcotics Anonymous to learn more about his disease.
  • Visit the National Catholic Council on Addiction to learn about the spiritual aspects of dealing with addiction.
  • If you want to talk to someone, call the NA Hotline at 215-NA-WORKS
  • The Coalition Against Drug Abuse offers a number of resources on education and treatment options.

Are you having problems with depression or suicidal thoughts?

  • Almost 10% of Americas suffer from depression at a given time.  It is a problem that many people will experience at sometime in their life.  Depression is a very treatable disease and is best treated when people seek help early on in their struggle.
  • Visit Understanding Depression to gain understanding on Depression and other Mental Health Issues
  • If you want to talk with someone about depression or suicidal thoughts, call 215-686-4420 or 1-800-273-8255
  • If someone you know is threatening suicide, do not leave them alone.  Get help right away by calling the above numbers or calling 9-1-1.

Are you having problems with internet pornography?

  • Pornography has been a struggle for many people for years.  Since the advent of the internet the number of people (especially men) who struggle with Pornography Addiction has increased beyond anyone’s imagining.  There is help available!
  • Visit Pure Intimacy for information on how to break free of this addiction
  • Visit The King’s Men to learn about local support groups for men overcoming this addiction

Are you having problems feeding your family?

  • St. Raymond Parish Social Ministry offers bags of food through our Pantry each Wednesday Morning between 10am and Noon.  People need to bring ID; one bag per family.
  • Visit Aid for Friends for information on feeding programs for the elderly who live alone.
  • Call the Parish Office at 215-549-3760 at any time if there is an emergency and you need food.

Are you having problems with your weight and controlling your diet?

  • God wants us to be healthy in every way.  If you are struggling with your diet and loss of wait, visit Catholicism and Weight Loss.
  • St. Raymond hosts Weight Watchers Meetings on Friday Evening at 6pm and Saturday Morning at 10am in the Church Basement Meeting Room.  Visit Weight Watchers for more information.

Are you having problems feeling loved by God or staying focused in prayer?

  • Many people find they need a Spiritual Director or Companion to assist their prayer, please call the Parish Office at 2150549-3760 and speak with the Pastor for more information.
  • Visit Sacred Space for an on-line experience of directed prayer
  • Visit Creighton University’s Online Ministries for a variety of prayer resources
  • Most importantly, persevere knowing God’s desire to be with you and fill you with his loving grace.

Are you struggling with honoring your sexuality as God desires?

  • Visit Generation Life to learn more about living a chaste life as a teenager and young adult
  • Visit Courage if you are struggling with same-sex attraction or have a loved one or friend who is a homosexual
  • Call the Parish Office at 215-549-3760 to speak with the Pastor and gain insights on how to live God’s plan for your sexuality.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a wonderful opportunity to receive God’s grace and begin again.

Are you hurting after an abortion?

  • Abortion is never the easy solution that women are told.  If you are hurting, please visit Silent No More (the stories of other women), Rachel’s Vineyard (an opportunity for healing) or call 1-877-HOPE-4-ME to talk with someone
  • You have been hurting long enough, let today be a new beginning.

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