News for February 18th

The journey towards Easter has started! We were blessed to have wonderful liturgies for Ash Wednesday. It was good to see so many people in the pews, many for the first time in many months. Let us continue to strive to maintain cautious health practices with a recognition of our need for human community as you return to in-person attendance at Holy Mass. Please refresh your memory on the practice of Catholics ABSTAINING FROM MEAT ON THE FRIDAYS OF LENT as well as having DAYS OF FASTING.

What is your plan for Lent? WE ALL NEED A PLAN…

Perhaps you can download our Parish App and make use of what it offers to enhance your prayer life during Lent? Download the “myParish” app and find St. Raymond. It has great potential to impact your spiritual life and connection to your Church Family! Join the many who use it each day, especially for a daily devotional!

Perhaps you can create an account at and receive their Daily Video messages? Visit Use our access code 8TJNV2 Follow instructions to set up your own account and be formed in Christ! Did you know…Formed has great resources to help you with your life as a Disciple. YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD THE “FORMED” APP TO MAKE YOUR ACCESS EVEN EASIER. Formed also offers wonderful videos on St. Joseph. Give Netflix and You Tube a break for Lent!

It is not about what you give up but about who you become! Join Matthew Kelley (author of I heard God Laugh) for a daily reflection to make it Your Best Lent Ever. You will receive a daily email with a video message that leads to your reflection!

Perhaps you want to download an app that will help with your daily meditations (and build off the Prayer Method taught in the book we gave out at Christmas)? The Hallow App is an amazing resource that will teach you to pray and guide your prayer. There are many resources available for free, others that will require a subscription. Check it out!

We want to stay connected through text messaging and voice messaging. When we have winter weather issues and other emergencies, we want to have a variety of ways to connect with our Church Family (knowing not everyone checks emails very often). Thus, we are now using Church Cast as a way of sending text messages and voice messages. Please sign up so you can be included! So far, 70 people have signed up…can we reach 100 by next week? This means YOU need to sign up.

Father Chris wants to hear from YOU! We are building a new website and the designers would like to receive some “testimonies” (two or three sentences) on WHY YOU LOVE SAINT RAYMOND as a way to encourage others to join us! Please complete THIS WITNESS/TESTIMONY FORM to let us know your answer!

As we move through the long season of this pandemic, we must keep our young people connected to the Good News of the Gospel. Please share this THIS VIDEO TEACHING FROM MISS LISA and be sure to download the handout as well so our young disciples will remain in a place of grace! Download the handout for the young disciple as well…

CNS photo/iconographer Vivian Imbruglia, courtesy Archdiocese of Denver)

As we continue to grow in appreciation of Black History, take a few minutes to learn about Venerable Julia Greeley from Lisa Eldridge. Learn even more from her Guild. May we seek her intercession in these Lenten Days, imitate her goodness and faith and one day join her in glory!

In his Ash Wednesday Homily, Father Chris encouraged us to BE LIKE TONTO. Following the 7pm Service, a parishioner educated Father Chris on the real life Lone Ranger which adds another chapter to Black History. Mr. Bass Reaves, born an enslaved man, lived an amazing life and served as a US Marshall in Texas. While there has never been a sure connection established, most agree that it seems as though the Lone Ranger was based on the life of Bass Reaves.

Saint Joseph being directed by an angel…listen to the angels God puts in your life as well!