Good News for January 20th

God of all nations, Father of the human family, we give you thanks for the freedom we exercise and the many blessings of democracy we enjoy in these United States of America, especially a peaceful transition of power. We ask for your protection and guidance for all who devote themselves to the common good, working for justice and peace at home and around the world. We lift up President Biden, Vice President Harris, all our duly elected leaders and public servants, those who will serve us as legislators and judges, those in the military and law enforcement. Heal us from our differences and unite us, O Lord, with a common purpose, dedication, and commitment to achieve liberty and justice in the years ahead for all people, and especially those who are most vulnerable in our midst. Amen.

Are you getting the vaccine when it is offered to you? What information do you still want to know? Join us for two webinars that will address a great variety of issues around the vaccines being offered. These sessions (each covering a different topic) will be a Webinar through ZOOM (and streamed to Father Chris’ Facebook as well) on consecutive Wednesday evenings: TONIGHT at 7:00PM January 20th and January 27th (7pm to 8:30pm). Each session will be unique: different panelists, different topics. Panelists will include parishioners (and friends of the parish) who are physicians, medical ethicists, public health experts and leaders in vaccine development. You are welcome to submit your comments, concerns or questions ahead of time to Father ChrisPlease spread the word and invite others! JOIN THE WEBINAR ON ZOOM (please remember that on a webinar, you will not be on camera or able to speak but can participate via the chat box). Both webinars will also be streamed on Father Chris’ Facebook Page.

As we move through the long season of this pandemic, we must keep our young people connected to the Good News of the Gospel. Please share this VIDEO TEACHING FROM MS. ARLEEN and be sure to download the handout as well so our young disciples will remain in a place of grace!

Lord God, bring healing to all who are suffering with COVID!

Our parish has been live streaming on a service called Live Stream for many years. For a variety of reasons, we are moving our live streaming to YouTube (where we have been for many months now as well as Live Stream) effective this weekend. We plan to have a direct link on the parish website as that seems to be the way most people access the live streaming. Please be patient as we make this adjustment. You will see many improvements as we will now have two cameras with various transitions. However, our volunteer crew will need some time to acquire mastery of the new software. Questions? Interested in volunteering to be a part of our 10am Video Team? Contact Richara. The parish is grateful to Rob Barrimond, Chris Bradley, and, of course, the late Rasheem Davis who have built an amazing foundation for this wonderful ministry in our parish.

Plan to be with us as we March for Life on January 23rd in Philadelphia. Enough is enough! More information HERE! Are you struggling with the “abortion issue”? Take a few minutes (and have an open mind) as you watch: My Body, My Choice; or I am Pro-Life but I Can’t Take Away Someone Else’s Choice; finally, watch Why does the Church talk about Abortion? Want to get involved with our local pregnancy center, helping moms who choose life with the resources they need? Check out Guiding Star Home.

Saint Joseph the Worker by Michael Corsini