Good News for December 2nd

Thursday is the Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier who lived in the late 1500s and early 1600s and was a great missionary to India and China. He is quoted as writing once: Many, many people hereabouts are not becoming Christians for one reason only: there is nobody to make them Christians. Sadly, these words could be spoken in Philadelphia and her suburbs today. Our parish needs YOU (and every other person who worships with us) to talk about Jesus and his beautiful plan of redemption for us all. Please talk to some, with kindness and patience, about what Jesus has done for you! Not sure how to do this? READ THIS

Throughout the weeks of Advent we will reflect on what it means to be REDEEMED by Jesus. Last weekend, Father Chris preached on being REDEEMED FROM SELF-SUFFICIENCY – if you missed the homily, listen HERE. You can also read last Sunday’s BULLETIN. As we move Forward in Christ, please remain committed to Worship, Sharing. being Equipped as a Christian and Inviting others to walk with us in faith, hope and love! Looking for a way to get involved in our 2020 Home for Christmas? Perhaps you can cook a tray of food, buy food products or help with delivery of items in the days before Christmas? Please contact Brandi in our Parish Office.

Christmas can be very difficult for many people. This year’s Christmas, with so many restrictions and health concerns regarding the pandemic, is especially difficult for many of us. Father Chris will be preaching about this this weekend under the title REDEEMED FROM DESPAIR. You may also choose to read about “Season Affective Disorder” HERE or HERE. Father Chris is always happy to meet with you to talk, pray, encourage…please use this TOOL to set a time. If you see someone who may need of help at this time, please reach out to them in love.

We continue to nourish our young disciples with the Word of God. Please share THIS VIDEO TEACHING  with your children and grandchildren. Please download the handout and share with the children…

On Sunday, December 13th our parish will offer a Virtual Christmas Concert from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. The Parish Staff knows that our 2020 Christmas will need an extra effort to feel the joy of Jesus’ birthday! Kenny Arrington and our Choir is putting together an amazing concert that will wow us even more than the annual Soulful Christmas. While most people will join us virtually we will be able to have a limited number of people in the Church. In order to control access, please register for one or two tickets and know that you will be assigned a seat in the Church (arrive after 4:30pm).

Are you going to “get the vaccine”? It seems to be a question many are asking these days and with good reason. What questions do you have about the proposed COVID Vaccines? On January 20th & 27th, Father Chris will be hosting a few webinar style meetings to answer questions and address concerns people have about the vaccines. Guests will include physicians, medical ethicists, vaccine development specialists and even a parishioner who has been part of a trial with the vaccine! What are your concerns or questions? Please share them with Father Chris.

Pope Francis placing the Cardinal’s “biretta” on Wilton Gregory’s head last Saturday.

African American Catholic History was made last Saturday when Pope Francis “created” Archbishop Wilton Gregory to become the first African American Cardinal. While we have had black Catholic Bishops for many decades, Cardinal Gregory is the first to be admitted to the College of Cardinals who elect the new Pope (as long as they are less than 80 years of age when the conclave gathers) and also advise the Pope on pastoral issues within the Church. May God use Cardinal Gregory for his glory and the good of the people he is called to serve.