Good News for October 7th

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. It recalls a military battle between a Christian nation and a Muslim nation. The Christians won and gave “credit” to the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary (many had been praying the Rosary to save Europe). There are a few hundred people (including a few from our parish) who gather Monday thru Thursday at 8pm to pray the Rosary on ZOOM for an end to the pandemic. Why not join in this one night? Link HERE.

Pope Francis issues a new encyclical last Sunday on the call for the human family to live more as brothers and sisters in a post-COVID world. You can read about it HERE and read the document in its entirety HERE.

As we approach the National Election on November 4th there is a great need for POLL WORKERS. Normally, our elders fill this need at the polls but because of COVID many are choosing not to fill the role this year. We need YOU. Besides assisting in the great experiment in democracy, there is a stipend that may reach $250 for the day. Please visit HERE if you are interested learning more about how you might serve our country on election day!

Our proposed Senior Housing goes before the Philadelphia Zoning Board on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:30am. We are unsure if people are able to join. If that is allowed, we will send a link early next week. If you join, please speak loudly and respectfully in favor of the project (thank you for the many signatures we gathered). If you can’t join us (via zoom), please pray at 9:30 that God work in the hearts and minds of those who hear of case!

Praise God for our young disciples! Please help continue to form them in the ways of Christ. Life is challenging for us all…but especially our young people at this tough time in history. Please share the video teaching (ideally on Sunday when your family is worshipping or when you come home from Mass). Be sure to download the handout as well…

We return to the Gospel of John for the next four Wednesday Nights. Join us in Church or on Live Stream, from 7pm to 8pm and allow yourself to be nourished as a Disciple. A handout will be available in Church, on the homepage of our website or in the comments section of the Live Stream by the time Bible Study begins.

Please spread the word about testing being available. Some has asked about why insurance information is gathered. Note, it is NO COST which does not mean FREE. The grant that provides the testing does not cover lab costs. Thus, the bill your insurance and it will be covered. If you do not have insurance the government will cover the cost! We have gotten some news coverage for our efforts as well – way to go Andrea!

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has appointed Mr. James Andrews as the new Director for the Office of Black Catholics. We look forward to welcoming James and allowing him to meet our community. He will be present at the Mass in honor of Saint Martin de Porres on November 7th at 1pm – please mark your calendars and plan to be with us!

Venerable Father Tolton, pray for us and our Church!