Good News for August 26th

This Thursday and Friday we celebrate the feasts of Saint Monica and her son Saint Augustine. They lives in 4th Century North Africa and their Christian Faith has inspired generations of disciples. Learn more about these saints with this video. This prayer is prayed by many who have had a child leave the faith or go astray in some other way (like Augustine did for many years). May it be a blessing for you as we approach her feast day: Dear Saint Monica, you were once the mournful mother of a prodigal son. Your faithfulness to prayer brought you and your son so close to God that you are now with him in eternity. By your intercession and God’s grace, your son St. Augustine became a great and venerable Saint of the Church. Please take my request to God with the same fervor and persistence with which you prayed for your own son. (Mention your intentions here) With your needs, worries and anxieties, you threw yourself on the mercy and providence of God. Through sorrow and pain, you constantly devoted yourself to God. Pray for me, that I might join you in such a deep faith in God’s goodness and mercy. Above all, dear Saint Monica, pray for me, that I may, like your son, turn from my sin and become a great saint for the glory of God.  Amen.

Have you heard about PODS? As we face the start of a very strange school year, many parents are looking for an alternative to their children being at home every day. While safety from COVID is valid, so is the child’s need for socializing and the mental wellness of parents. The idea of grouping students into smaller groups in am appropriate space outside the home has gained traction and the groups are often called PODS (read about them HERE). Saint Raymond would like offer parents of school age children the opportunity to have their children join a POD at Saint Raymond. If you are interested in learning more, please complete THIS FORM so that we can begin the process of gathering information. If you are interested in being an adult who provides supervision and assistance to our young people, please contact Richara. We have been blessed with many responses and are grateful!

In the months to come, our motto at Saint Raymond will be Forward in Christ. The experience of the pandemic, quarantine. the ongoing economic crisis, the need for racial understanding and reconciliation, the political discord and our everyday human failures and sins demand that we not be paralyzed, not fall back, not give up thinking but that we MOVE FORWARD IN CHRIST. This will call us to remain committed to Worship, remaining Equipped as Christians, Share our time and treasure with others, and continue to Invite others to join us as a Christian Family. How will you WORSHIP the Lord this weekend? Did you participate in worship last weekend? View our Livestream and check out the Bulletin.

The creator of The Bible Timeline Learning System will be leading the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study live on Facebook and on our website,, starting September 16, 2020 at 8:00 PM eastern! In this 8-week study, Jeff will be diving into topics that he did not have enough time to cover in the videos and workbook of the original Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a study led by the author himself!

We are very blessed to have parishioners prepare the video catechesis for our young disciples. Please take advantage of this opportunity and share with your children and grandchildren. Worship is essential for them as well as we move forward in Christ! Please watch this week’s video from Steve Mathis and download the handout:

Holy Hour for the Election: 50 States – 50 People – One HourJoin us for an hour of prayer and adoration before Jesus in the Eucharist as we petition for grace and blessing upon our country, especially asking for God’s will to be accomplished in the upcoming presidential election. We hope for at least 50 people to be present, one for each State of the United States of America, but more are welcome! Sunday, November 1, 2020 – 2-3 PM at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Philadelphia. Free parking is available. Social distancing will be observed. Please RSVP at

Praise God for the beauty of creation!