Good News for August 19th

Friday, August 21st is the Feast of Saint Pius X. His statue is located in the rear of our Church on the Forrest Avenue side. His image was often placed in Churches built in the 1940s and 50s (like our own) even though he was not yet a saint. His life was an inspiration to generations of Catholics, even today! Born Joseph Sarto, this devoted servant of Christ and the Church lived from 1835 until 1914, serving as a priest, bishop and pope. He lived a simple life and was always mindful of the poor in his decisions. He brought great reform to the Church at many levels and encouraged people to receive Holy Communion often as well as lowering the age for 1st Communion to the age of seven. His motto as pope was “restore all things in Christ”. Dear Jesus, through the intercession of Saint Pius X, may we grow in love of present in the Blessed Sacrament and always seek to be renewed by You. Please continue to reform our Church that we may be the community of faith, hope and love that you desire most. Amen.

In the months to come, our motto at Saint Raymond will be Forward in Christ. The experience of the pandemic, quarantine. the ongoing economic crisis, the need for racial understanding and reconciliation, the political discord and our everyday human failures and sins demand that we not be paralyzed, not fall back, not give up thinking but that we MOVE FORWARD IN CHRIST. This will call us to remain committed to Worship, remaining Equipped as Christians, Share our time and treasure with others, and continue to Invite others to join us as a Christian Family. How will you WORSHIP the Lord this weekend? Did you participate in worship last weekend? View our Livestream and check out the Bulletin.

As promised, here is the LINK to send a financial gift to Father Nelson as part of his Mission Appeal. You are also welcome to drop off donations in an envelope marked MISSIONS. God bless your goodness!

We are very blessed to have parishioners prepare the video catechesis for our young disciples. Please take advantage of this opportunity and share with your children and grandchildren. Worship is essential for them as well as we move forward in Christ! Please watch this week’s video from Kayah (one of our new teachers and doing a fine job too) and download the handout:

Our second round of conversation groups on various issues related to race will begin the week of September 14th (for three weeks). These 90 minute discussion groups of 6 to 8 people will meet for 90 minutes. Each group looks at a particular topic: Race in the Church, Education and Race, Having Conversations on Race, Race in the Work Place and Racism: America’s Original Sin. 99% of those who participated last time said they would participate again! If you have questions or would like to reserve your place in a group, contact Father Chris.

Have you heard about PODS? As we face the start of a very strange school year, many parents are looking for an alternative to their children being at home every day. While safety from COVID is valid, so is the child’s need for socializing and the mental wellness of parents. The idea of grouping students into smaller groups in am appropriate space outside the home has gained traction and the groups are often called PODS (read about them HERE). Saint Raymond would like offer parents of school age children the opportunity to have their children join a POD at Saint Raymond. If you are interested in learning more, please email Richara who will provide information and coordinate this effort. If you are interested in being an adult who provides supervision and assistance to our young people, please contact Richara as well.