Good News for August 12th

Ethiopian Coptic Icon of the Dormition & Assumption of Mary

Praise God for the gift of our Mother Mary, a model for us as Disciples of her Son Jesus. On Saturday, August 15th we will celebrate the Feast of the Assumption at our 8am Mass. Please join us in our Church. Learn more about the meaning of this Solemnity through this article. Mary, Mother of Jesus, be a mother to me now!

Deacon Bill and Father Chris rejoice in seeing more and more people each weekend at Mass (as well as the many people who are joining us for the 8am Mass during the week in place of their Sunday Worship). The Parish Staff is aware that many remain cautious because of a vulnerable health condition. Please return when you are ready. Perhaps start with worshipping “from the lawn” on Sunday at 10am (bring your own chair please). While virtual worship is certainly a gift (and we are blessed with a great team to provide it at St. Raymond), as Catholics we must remain committed to worshipping in person so that we might feast on the Holy Eucharist. Seeing family over zoom is great, but not as great as being with someone you love in person! Perhaps you need a “refresher” on the Catholic Understanding of the Eucharist? Watch this 8 minute video and be in awe of how good God is to us, his people. Join us soon (or if you would like Father Chris to bring Holy Communion to you at home, please contact him at 215-549-3760).

Arleen Daniels and Richara Krajewski are working hard to provide a wonderful experience of Religious Education and Sacramental Formation for our young people as the quarantine continues through the Fall. We plan to have our young disciples gather on our property every other week. The other weeks will be a chance for parent’s to assume their role as the “first teacher” of their child in the way of faith. We will provide wonderful handouts based on the the Sunday Scriptures and give access to video teaching. If your child attends a non-Catholic school, please be sure you have registered them with Arleen for PREP (Parish Religious Education Program; there is no cost). We are grateful to Paula Manchester for her teaching for this weekend. Please share the video with your young disciples and be sure to download this handout and print it our for the kids:

Venerable Augustine Tolton, Original Image at Saint Athanasius Church

The cause for canonization for Father Gus Tolton continues to move forward. Do you bring your need for a miracle to the Venerable Father Tolton (he does need a miracle through his intercession to move to the next level in the process). Learn more about his move toward sainthood HERE. In addition, on Saturday, August 29th from 7pm to 8:30pm there will be a VIRTUAL event called Tolton’s Legacy: A Road Map to Unity with a host of impressive presenters. Registration is FREE; please sign up HERE. Venerable Father Tolton, pray for us!

Father Nelson Adjei Bediako, a native of Ghana, will be at St. Raymond on August 14th & 15th to appeal for our support. Father is part of a group of 900 priests evangelizing throughout Africa. Join them in this most important work of the Gospel! You will have received an envelope for the “Mission Co-op” or you can place the offering in an envelope
marked Missions that weekend. We look forward to his sharing the Gospel with us! Learn more about his community HERE.

Sad but true…please pray for our parents and kids!