Good News for July 16th

Our parish rejoices with the family of Aubrey and Xavier as they joined us for the first time in receiving Holy Communion! What a blessing for our community as they are nourished by the Lamb of God! May the Lord bless them and guide them for the years to come!

On Wednesday evening the State of Pennsylvania imposed further restrictions on public gatherings. As of this writing, Father Chris is unsure of what these means regarding our gathering for Worship. As Catholics, WORSHIP OF GOD IS ESSENTIAL. It is fundamental to who we are as human beings. Look for another communication on Friday regarding any changes you can expect when you come to worship this weekend. We will continue to persevere and rely on the help of the Lord!

The ugliness of gun violence reared its ugly head on our Church Campus on Wednesday evening at 8pm. As Father Chris gathered for one of our Conversation Groups more than 20 bullets were fired by young men in our playground and school parking lot. One young man was shot in the arm. As a Church, we must reach these young people. We must pray that their hearts and minds are changed. We must stand guard LITERALLY for the safety of our kids (thankfully there were no children in our playground at the time; normally there are a few with their parents). Are you willing to join our efforts to be more present for the good of our children and the salvation of these young men’s souls? Email Father Chris.

Our Food Cupboard is open once again through the goodness of the women and men who volunteer to serve our sisters and brothers. Please spread the word…all who live in 19150 are welcome Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. We are thankfully stocked right now. Arleen can always use more volunteers and we also need a few people willing to deliver frozen dinners to the homebound once a week. Contact Arleen Daniels.

Praise God for your generosity and goodness to our Parish! We were able to complete $19,000 in concrete repairs around the property this week. You will hopefully notice the work and be happy that we are able to keep things “fresh”. Some of the concrete we replaced was original to 1948 – let’s hope this batch lasts that long!

Praise God to the blessing of passing on our faith to the next generation. Please share this video teaching with the young disciples in your family this weekend as we worship together. We are grateful to Janice Mason for her love and great Christian witness. Be sure to download the worksheet too…