Good News for June 19th

God, grant us the heart to weep with those who weep. Give us empathy and understanding. Create trust where there is pain. Make your Church the united bride you want her to be. These divisions of mistrust and historical bias run deep, O God. Without you, nothing will ever change. In our pain and our weariness, we express our hope that Jesus can change our hearts and unite the Church. We believe the gospel is greater than our divisions. And we long for the day when the world will take note of how we love each other. So, help us to meet each other in this prayerful journey. We come to learn to lament. Hear us as we weep together, that we might walk together. In the name of Jesus, our King. Amen.

We have gathered for the last two Sundays and this week we restore the 5pm Saturday Mass. Not ready to enter the Church? You are welcome to also worship from the front lawn (see above; we have speakers set up for both the 5pm and 10am). If you wish to worship inside of the Church, please WATCH THIS VIDEO so that you understand what things will be like when you arrive for Mass (come 15-20 minutes early, please). If you choose to worship (you can still worship from home until you feel ready; you are not obliged to come out for Mass), please REGISTER for the SATURDAY 5PM MASS or SUNDAY 10AM MASSTo allow everyone a chance to attend Mass in person, we are asking that people please consider attending Mass in person every other week (and starting next week, consider attending the 5pm instead of the 10am if possible). If you plan to worship from home via Live Stream but want to join us for a brief Prayer Service with Distribution of Holy Communion, please SIGN UP. If you have questions or need help signing up, please call the Parish Office (215-549-3760) and leave a message for Father Chris or contact Minta Brown who is leading our RESTORE Team.

The Parish plans to offer Summer Days at Saint Raymond to give parents a break from child care on Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks this summer (starting on June 30th). These days will be a chance for children who attend our Church to learn, laugh and grow together as our young disciples. There is no cost to the parent. If you have a child (not a neighbor, grandchild, cousin’s friend’s kid) who you would like to participate, please complete this INTEREST FORM so that we can continue our planning.

Why does the cute baby look so shocked? Obviously, Father Chris was talking to her too long! The Pastor needs other people to talk with! Want to sign up for a phone call with the Pastor? Nothing formal – just a chance to chat… CLICK HERE. Just so you know, Father Chris will be away from the parish the week of July 6th for his Annual Retreat.

The Parish Staff hope to share details of our upcoming Conversation Groups on various topics associated with race. The groups will meet for 3 6o to 90 minute sessions and be composed of people of varied races to allow for a more fruitful conversation. The focus is on how desires Christians to be human together.

Our Church values our young disciples and wants them to continue ot be nourished by the Word of God! We are blessed to have Ms. Janice Mason teaching this week. Please allow your young people to experience our “virtual” Liturgy of the Word for this Sunday. Have other ideas on how we can best engage our young people? Please let Arleen know. Be sure ot download the handout for the kids as well….