Good News for June 12th

Last Sunday was our first “restored” Mass and we are grateful to all who attended. Please be patient as we implement needed procedures and slowly return to our “regularly scheduled worship”. Not ready to enter the Church? You are welcome to also worship from the front lawn (we will set up speakers; bring your own chair; last Sunday we had 40 folks distanced across the lawn). If you wish to worship inside of the Church, please WATCH THIS VIDEO so that you understand what things will be like when you arrive for Mass (come 15-20 minutes early, please). If you choose to worship (you can still worship from home until you feel ready; you are not obliged to come out for Mass), please SIGN UP TO ATTEND MASS. To allow everyone a chance to attend Mass in person, we are asking that people please consider attending Mass in person every other week (and starting next week, consider attending the 5pm instead of the 10am if possible). If you plan to worship from home via Live Stream but want to join us for a brief Prayer Service with Distribution of Holy Communion, please SIGN UP. If you have questions or need help signing up, please call the Parish Office (215-549-3760) or contact Minta Brown who is leading our RESTORE Team.

The Parish hopes to offer Summer Days at Saint Raymond to give parents a break from child care on Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks this summer. These days will be a chance for children who attend our Church to learn, laugh and grow together as our young disciples. There is no cost to the parent. If you have a child (not a neighbor, grandchild, cousin’s friend’s kid) who you would like to participate, please complete this INTEREST FORM so that we can continue our planning.

Since our Sunday Religious Education has stopped for the summer, we want to offer our young people some experience of faith formation. A few of our Children’s Liturgy of the Word Catechists will offer a video reflection and we will offer handouts for parents that include activities. These may be used while worshipping virtually on Sunday or at some other time. God be praised. Watch the REFLECTION FOR JUNE 14. Download the handout:

You may also sign into FORMED (use access code 8TJNV2 to create your own account) and watch a wonderful session (see image below) called The Eucharist for Little Children.

At the 10am Mass on Sunday we will have a brief Corpus Christi Procession with a Eucharistic Procession during Mass. The Procession will go the front lawn and corners of the property that the Lord Jesus might bless our neighborhood!