Good News for June 9

Our Parish Family rejoices as Maiya was one with us in Holy Communion for the first time this past Sunday. May her joy in receiving the Lord inspire us all! Jesus said: let the children lead you. May their joy in these days of First Communion remind us WHO we receive and the power of HIS presence.

Last Sunday was our first “restored” Mass and I am grateful to all who attended. Please be patient as we implement needed procedures and slowly return to our “regularly scheduled worship”. Not ready to enter the Church? You are welcome to also worship from the front lawn (we will set up speakers; bring your own chair; last Sunday we had 40 folks distanced across the lawn). If you wish to worship inside of the Church, please WATCH THIS VIDEO so that you understand what things will be like when you arrive for Mass (come early, please). If you choose to worship (you can still worship from home until you feel ready; you are not obliged to come out for Mass), please SIGN UP TO ATTEND MASS. If you plan to worship from home via Live Stream but want to join us for a brief Prayer Service with Distribution of Holy Communion, please SIGN UP. If you have questions or need help signing up, please call the Parish Office (215-549-3760) or contact Minta Brown who is leading our RESTORE Team.

As we restore public worship, some have asked about their role in various liturgical ministries at St. Raymond. Father Chris offers the following information: GREETER MINISTRY: The role normally filled by the Greeters has been assumed by the RESTORE Team, however we always need more help until we are in the Green Phase on Covid-19. All Greeters are welcome to contact Minta about serving with RESTORE at this time. READERS: Deacon Bill and Brandi are coordinating the schedule based on who is ready to return. Please be in touch with them if you have not heard from them. EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: We will not be offering the Precious Blood for the foreseeable future, so our need for Ministers has lessened greatly. In the weeks to come, as we increase the number of those attending Mass (and eventually return to a Communion Procession) we will likely have a need. If you are an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and are comfortable distributing Holy Communion at this time, please contact Brandi and let her know. MUSIC MINISTRY: Due to concerns about COVID-19, the Choir will not be singing until further notice. Kenny will be inviting 2-3 singers for the 10am Mass. If a singer is interested in joining this effort, please contact Kenny directly. HOSPITALITY MINISTRY: This beloved Ministry is on hold at this time for the good of public health.

Father Chris mentioned during Sunday’s Homily that a documentary about our Parish won an Emmy Award last Saturday Evening (for the Northern California Region where the producers live). Some had not yet seen the documentary, so here are a few links to various videos: FIRST Version, SECOND Version (with different video clips) and the Emmy Presentation. To God be the glory!

We continue our study of the Gospel of John this week (Wednesday Night form 7pm to 8pm). Please join on Zoom or on Fr. Chris Facebook Page. Please have your Bible ready and maybe a friend who is also participating that you could call when it is time for discussion. If you have never done Bible Study with us, please consider joining in. If it is not what you want. you can drop out and no-one will know! Try it…you have the time! Be sure to download the handout and print it out so you can take some notes as well:

Litany for June by Clare McCallan)