Prayer & Witness

If Jesus were walking the earth in Philadelphia today, how would he be responding to the violence caused by some police officers? Responding to the looters? Responding to the peaceful protesters? Responding to the people who have lost businesses? Responding to those locked in their homes afraid? Responding to those who are unsure of how to respond and what to do next? Our mission as a parish is to discern what Jesus would do and do it!

Our Town Hall Meeting on Monday night was a wonderful gathering that sowed hope in the hearts of many people. It was a beginning. If you would like to be a part of a team of passionate parishioners who explore the next steps in building conversation and planning action, please email Father Chris and he will include you in the Planning Session (date and time to be determined, but it will be soon). If we are not leading on this, then why are we here as a Church?

Join people of faith from across the Philadelphia area for a VIRTUAL PRAYER VIGIL Thursday at 5:30 (sorry for the last minute notice, it was shared with Father Chris on Wednesday). Register to attend the webinar (you will see the leaders but they will not see or hear you).

Sadly, we know one of the most racially divided days of the week of Sunday when we gather in Churches. Thankfully, that is not the case at Saint Raymond. As our country experiences this moment, it is vital that we, as people of faith, stand united. A denominationally diverse group of clergy will walk Broad Street from Cecil B. Moore to City Hall and pray together there. Please join Father Chris, priests from across the Archdiocese and even our new Archbishop, Nelson Perez. It will be peaceful. It will be hope filled. We seek to give witness that the love of Christ will conquer all things. Want more information? Email Father Chris. Can’t make it or not ready to break quarantine? Please spend time in prayer on Saturday from Noon to 2pm, interceding for our City.

Let us become like children…