Good News for May 27th

Soon and very soon…June 7th

You will be able to join us for Mass in the Church starting June 7th with the 10am Mass. We will continue to Live Stream (as always). We will be distanced. No hand shaking, hugging or touching. No sharing of the Precious Blood by the congregation. It will be different. You will need to register for Mass (50 people). You will be able to sit on the lawn and listen to Mass is you feel more comfortable doing that at this time. We will continue to one Communion Service at 12:30pm as well, for those who are not yet comfortable being in the Church for a prolonged period of time. Our RESTORE Team met to further develop our plan and more information will be shared in the Friday email (want to join our 10am Mass or 5pm & 8am Mass Teams; contact Minta Brown) . Pray that we make good choices!

Our Church Family rejoices once again as a young disciple received our Lord for the first time. Congratulations Elize – may you know the joy of being nourished by the Lord all the days of your life. Are you hungering for the Body and Blood of the Lord? Join us for a Communion Service this Sunday and you too can Feast on the Holy Eucharist. Proper precautions are followed. Please sign up HERE. Let Jesus comfort you, console you and free you from your fears!

The Jewish Community (JEVS) is offering boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables for FREE. There are various sites for pick up, including one of the large synagogues on Old York Road in Elkins Park (about 10 minutes from Saint Raymond). Please make us of this wonderful resource of share it with another. Sign up HERE.

Father Chris is most grateful for your continued generosity to the parish. Despite the many hardships our community is facing, our contributions have actually increased. Thank you for your goodness. Our weekly average is now $9,5050 (which is up about 2% from last year). Did you see last Sunday’s Bulletin? Did you know you can schedule time to chat with Father Chris? Use this TOOL to set 10 minutes on his calendar to have a chat (your choose the topic; he is here to serve you). If you know of people facing financial need, please contact Deacon Bill (who continue to recover well at home and will be making an appearance at Bible Study on Wednesday Night).

LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE T-SHIRTS! Celebrate your being a part of the Saint Raymond Family and get one of these great shirts. Shirts must be picked up during our Drive Thru Pentecost Blessing on Saturday. May 30th from 1pm to 4pm in front of the Church. At this time, we are only able to offer shirts to those who are members of the parish (or intend to join when this craziness ends). We will make every effort to make additional shirts available to those who would like to receive one and represent our Church (yes, still free…we will let you know when to sign up)! COMPLETE THIS FORM BY WEDNESDAY AT 5PM in order to receive a t-shirt on May 30th.

We continue our study of the Gospel of John this week (Wednesday Night form 7pm to 8pm). Please join on Zoom or on Fr. Chris Facebook Page. Please have your Bible ready and maybe a friend who is also participating that you could call when it is time for discussion. If you have never done Bible Study with us, please consider joining in. If it is not what you want. you can drop out and no-one will know! Try it…you have the time! Be sure to download the handout and print it out so you can take some notes as well…

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