Good News for May 22nd

Please join us on Monday, May 25th at 8am for Memorial Day Mass via Livestream. Let us pray for all those who died to pay the price for freedom.

Zoe Mackey, a member of St. Raymond Class of 2020 and a regular at our 5pm Mass, crowned our Statue of Mary at the Ascension Thursday Mass. May we know the protection of Our Lady throughout this time of pandemic.

We are getting a little tired of doing things “virtually” but for now, this is all that we can do. We remain attentive to the directives of the state. We are hopeful we can gather at some point in June. If you are willing to be a part of our RESTORE Team to plan for our restored public worship, please contact Minta Brown. RESTORE will have a Zoom Meeting on Tuesday at 7pm. Please join us for one of our Communion Services this Sunday afternoon. Use our Worship Aide to assist you with Mass at 10am this Sunday (and consider joining other members of the Church for “Virtual Hospitality” after Mass on Zoom.

FREE T-SHIRTS! Celebrate your being a part of the Saint Raymond Family and get one of these great shirts. Shirts must be picked up during our Drive Thru Pentecost Blessing on Saturday. May 30th from 1pm to 4pm in front of the Church. At this time, we are only able to offer shirts to those who are members of the parish (or intend to join when this craziness ends). We will make every effort to make additional shirts available to those who would like to receive one and represent our Church (yes, still free…we will let you know when to sign up)! COMPLETE THIS FORM in order to receive a t-shirt on May 30th.

Lord, unite us as we honor our nations’ heroes this weekend.