Good News for May 15th

In our Gospel this Sunday, Jesus commands us to keep his commandments! Praise God for the freedom we can all find when we walk in the way of Jesus. Please join us at 10am (dressed and ready for worship). Thank you for your full and active participation during this season of faith. We remain hopeful of being able to gather for Mass soon. Until then, please consider joining us for a Communion Service this Sunday. Download the Worship Aid to assist you in having a wonderful experience during Sunday Mass:

It has been 21 years since Father Chris was ordained a priest (this is a photo of him with his family on that day). He is grateful for the kind messages and cards on his anniversary and remains joyful to be a priest…especially the priest at Saint Raymond. Want to schedule time to speak with Father Chris over the phone? Use this LINK. Father Chris is also grateful to the 175 who have completed our Parish Survey. Have you? DO IT RIGHT NOW (it takes 3 minutes)

Deacon Bill got great news this week as his condition improved and he is headed home at some point on Friday. Alleluia! He will have therapy and he promises to make time for rest and recovery so we will can have him back in service soon. Please keep Deacon Bill & Cindy in prayer (and the therapists who will be serving him). You are welcome to send him an email: Deacon Bill to say hello!

Want a great T-shirt? The parish will be giving these to all of our registered members who sign up for a t-shirt (starting next week). Yes, they are FREE! Watch your email! T-shirts will be picked up during a Pentecost Blessing Drive Thru on Saturday, May 30th in front of our Church. Stay tuned…

At some point in the weeks (or months) to come we will be given the okay by the State of Pennsylvania and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to RESTORE Sunday Worship and gather for the Holy Mass once again. It will be a glorious day to begin the process of being restored to worship. It is likely that we will be limited to 25% of our capacity at first. Our plan is to begin with gathering for the 10am Mass (with a maximum of 50 people) and after a few weeks add the 5pm Mass and then the 8am Mass when that is needed as well. We will move slowly and prudently for the glory of God and the safety of all. We want to spread the Gospel, not germs! In order the plan effectively, Father Chris is seeking to build a Restore Team to assist in planning for our return to Worship and implementing the precautions we will need to follow. We will need lots of help…including YOU! If you would like to learn more, please email Minta Brown and let her know. Thank you.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. Martin Luther King Jr.