Good News for May 12th

We rejoice with the Ogden Family as their daughter Kourtnei received Jesus for the first time last Sunday! May she always know the joy of walking with Jesus!

If you were not able to worship with us last Sunday, you can still do it by going HERE. Did you see last weekend’s Bulletin? If you wish to join us for Holy Communion next Sunday afternoon, please sign up HERE. Allow Jesus to help you as you overcome your fear and isolation. He is Lord!

We are grateful to the 159 people who have completed our Parish Survey on how you are dealing with this pandemic. Please take 3 minutes and give your thoughts. It will help the parish staff in our planning.

Deacon Bill continues to recover. He is being a humble and obedient Christian 89% of the time. Pray for his patience with the process (even harder than during the 76ers Season). He will have another swallowing test on Thursday and we are hoping for good results. He will have a better sense of the course of treatment then. He is grateful for the texts, emails, cards and prayer. Please raise up Cindy…she misses her partner in charity!

Do you have the Saint Raymond APP on your phone or tablet? Please download it today. It has resources for prayer, a chance to have a daily devotional, access to our Sunday Mass and a daily Mass and more. Please go here to get links for downloading the App and search by our zip code (19150).

We continue our study of the Gospel of John this week (Wednesday Night form 7pm to 8pm). Please join on Zoom or on Fr. Chris Facebook Page. Please have your Bible ready and maybe a friend who is also participating that you could call when it is time for discussion. If you have never done Bible Study with us, please consider joining in. If it is not what you want. you can drop out and no-one will know! Try it…you have the time! Be sure to download the handout and print it out so you can take some notes as well…