Good News for May 5th

Cinco de Mayo is mostly an American celebration confined to Mexican Restaurants it seems. However, it does recall a military battle in 1862 when the Mexican Army defeated the French Army in Puebla. In the midst of our battle with the corona virus, we need to remain hopeful that victories do happen. Keep washing your hands and practicing social distancing and we will know victory as well!

As Father Chris mentioned at the end of Mass on Sunday (by the way, did you read Sunday’s Bulletin?), the Parish Staff are asking you to take 3 to 5 minutes and complete THIS SURVEY to help us understand how better to serve our community through this time. Please remind others to take it as well, we want to hear from you as we make decisions! We care…really!!!

We begin our study of the Gospel of John this week (Wednesday Night form 7pm to 8pm). Please join on Zoom or on Fr. Chris Facebook Page. Please have your Bible ready and maybe a friend who is also participating that you could call when it is time for discussion. If you have never done Bible Study with us, please consider joining in. If it is not what you want. you can drop out and no-one will know! Try it…you have the time! Be sure to download the handout and print it out so you can take some notes as well…

The parish rejoices in the opportunity to share the Body of Christ with the community in health conscious Communion Services each Sunday afternoon. If you have concerns about how this happens (and is it safe), please email Minta Brown or Deacon Bill who can assist in answering your questions. If you would like to sign up for an “Appointment with Jesus”, please use this LINK.

Oh how we miss being together on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Oh how we miss our time in praise as we worship the Lord and are nourished by His Word and Eucharist. As we continue to strive to provide a good experience of “virtual” worship, we have set up a “Sunday Worship Homepage” on our website that will allow you to find everything you need for Sunday Mass (link to Live Stream. Readings, downloadable Worship Aid, link for Hospitality meet up on zoom after mass and more). Father Chris heard the voice of those who wanted “one stop shopping” and praise God we have it. Soon…we will simulcast our Sunday Mass on YouTube as well, allowing you to worship with closed captioning or even with translations to another language!

Praise God for our holy mothers! Remember it is Mother’s Day on Sunday!