Good News for April 28

On Sunday we were blessed to hear the story of the two disciples being met by Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. What a blessing that they allowed Jesus to walk with them, listen to them, teach them, comfort them and then use them to bring Good News to the others. Jesus wants to do the same with us in these Easter days. If you have not “worshipped” with us, click HERE. If you want to listen to Father Chris’ Homily again, click HERE. To listen to Kenny’s rendition of”Lord, help me to hold on”, click HERE. To read Sunday’s Bulletin, click HERE.

As you have likely heard, the State of Pennsylvania had rescheduled the PA Primary Election to June 2nd. Mail-in ballots will be used and need to be applied for by May 26th. Applications can be made HERE. Please use our right to vote!

St Raymond High School Meet-up Sundays via Zoom 1 pm-1:45 pm with Richara and JoAnne (and special guests) Pray together, some fun and games, and figuring out how to get through! Please contact Richara at or text her at 267-225-8268 for the link.

The parish welcomed more than 40 people last Sunday for our first “Pandemic Communion Services”. People were respectful of our policies, each put in place to keep you and others safe. We will offer Communion Services once again this Sunday. Please sign up HERE. We look forward to welcoming you to the Feast this Sunday!

Please plan to join us Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm for our new Bible Study on the Gospel of John. You can join on Zoom (our Call to Prayer line and hopefully on Live Stream like Sunday Mass and possible Facebook as well). More details by Friday (Father Chris promises). Please spread the word among your family and friends. So many who normally are “too busy” to study the Word of God now have the time! If you are interested in being part of a “small group” and having a zoom conversation during the Bible Study, please email Minta Brown.

Speaking of the Road to Emmaus, look closely at that disciple on the right! Father Chris is available for 10 Minute “Chat with the Pastor”. Schedule a time and Father Chris will call you! It is time to chat, ask a question or pray!

Make time to talk with a few people: Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Where?

This week’s topic will be how to deal with the emotions we go through…the many ups and downs…during quarantine. There are so many unknowns…how do we cope? Join us on Facebook or thru our Call to Prayer Line. It is worth your 45 minutes!

Please stay healthy! Walk each day (even if you are walking in place like this). Eat in a healthy way. Get rest. Wash your hands!