Small Groups in Holy Week

Lenten Small Groups

As we journey through this wonderful week of salvation, please make time to join your Small Group or use this handout to reflect on yesterday’s readings on your own. God is alive in His Word and it is always on time!

Palm Sunday 2020 Member Guide (1)


Each day Father Chris is available for prayer or confession from 3pm to 4pm in front of the Church. For prayer, simply drive past the front doors of the Church and pause at the open doors to ADORE Jesus (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week it will simply be a Wooden Cross). If you wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, park you car and enter the open doors (please wear a mask); Father Chris will be seated and waiting for you. Please respect social distancing norms.

Did you read the weekly BULLETIN?


The Bishops of the United States have asked us to implore mercy on our nation this week as we approach Good Friday. Many are telling us there will be great suffering this week as the pandemic worsens. Please consider praying this Litany of the Sacred Heart, adopted by our Parish for this time in history.

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus