Small Groups (Week One)

Lenten Small Groups

Let’s keep the graces of our Lenten Revival by participating in a Small Group!

We are not letting the Corona Virus stop us! We will be using the on-line platform ZOOM to have virtual small groups. If you are not super tech savvy, that is okay too. You can join by calling in over the phone. If you have not yet heard from your Small Group Leader, please contact Minta Brown by EMAIL or call her at 610-329-7256.

The schedule for Small Groups changes a bit…

  • Couples Group Monday at 7pm with Deacon Bill & Cindy Bradley
  • “All are Welcome Group” Monday at 7pm with Father Chris
  • “All are Welcome Group” Tuesday at 7pm with Kelli Renn
  • “All are Welcome Group” Wednesday at 7pm with Father Chris and Ken Morris
  • Ladies Group on Thursday at 1pm with Minta Brown and Arleen Daniels

Even if you are not participating via Zoom, please use the handout to reflect yourself or perhaps have a conversation with a friend or family member (respectful of social distancing).

3rd Sunday of Lent 2020 Member Guide

Stay healthy, joy filled, prayed up – and wash your hands a lot!