News on Father Chris


We share some sad news with our Church Family: Father Chris is in the hospital in New Orleans. He went to New Orleans on Monday to give some presentations to their priests. He was feeling fine other than a slight backache from moving something on Friday. The back pain got worse throughout Monday and by early Tuesday it was so bad he went to the ER at Tulane University Hospital.  After lots of tests, he was diagnosed with an infection. The infection is not contagious. Fr. Chris is being treated with IV antibiotics. He is in no pain and is receiving great care.  He hopes to be home on Monday. Please give him a few days before you start calling and texting – he needs rest! Please join our Church family in prayer: Lord Jesus, throughout your time on earth you brought healing to so many who were ill. I trust that you do still today Jesus. Please bring healing to our Pastor, Father Chris. Rid his body of this infection and restore him to the fullness of health that he might serve you and our Church Family in the ways you desire, Grant him traveling mercy when he makes his way home and allow him to be patient during his time of recovery. I praise and thank you Jesus and trust that this, and all things, can be for your glory. Amen.