Hot Topics #1: End of Life Issues


On Wednesday, September 4th we launched our 5-week series of HOT TOPICS by discussing End of Life Issues (assisted suicide, living wills, medical proxies, feeding tubes, etc.). These are issues many of us will face in our lives as we face our own mortality of walk the journey with a loved one.

Watch Father Chris facilitate the conversation HERE.

The videos that were used can be found on You Tube HERE and HERE.

Follow along using: Hot Topics- End of Life Issues Handout

Additional reading and resources are below:

The National Catholic Bio-Ethics Center
Learning to Accept Suffering through Prayer

Father Tad (Harvard Neuro-Scientist) on End of Life/Assisted Suicide

Next week’s topic, as we remember the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, will be “Are thoughts are prayers enough? How do Catholics engage in the political conversation and activity of our nation?” Join us live in the Rectory Basement of on Live Stream at 7pm.