Lord, Have Mercy on our Church

Jesus weeps

Dear Friends,

The Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania released a Grand Jury Report on Tuesday, August 14th detailing the abusive behaviors committed by more than 300 Catholic priests across the State of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and another Diocese in Western PA were not included in this because of having had local Grand Jury Reports in the past). You can find the report HERE is you wish to read it. I warn you, it is sickening to read what these men did to innocent children and teenagers. They were incestuous fathers to the children placed in their spiritual care. May God have mercy on their souls and may they in some way be brought to justice here as well. The report also details how Bishops and priests who assisted them failed to respond in appropriate ways. Regardless of the Church’s defense that “this is what we were told to do” – they did not do enough. It is criminal as well as sinful.

Archbishop Charles Chaput has asked that I share the statement of the Archdiocese on the release of the report. The Archbishop released his own statement as well. Is you wish to send an email to Archbishop Chaput to express yourself, I encourage that decision.

As always, I am ready to meet with you, listen to you, pray with you, cry with you as we deal with this tragic report. God loves his Church and will use anything (even a Grand Jury report and the exposure of sexually abusive and predatory behavior by Bishops and Priests) to purify His Church. He is in control but we need to do our part.

Father Chris