Father Tolton Play at LaSalle University


On Tuesday,September 25, 2018 the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will host St. Luke’s Production of “Tolton: From Slave to Priest” at La Salle University.

Tolton: From Slave to Priest is a powerful live production based on the life of Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first recognized African American priest. This compelling true story of courage, forgiveness, and reconciliation resonates deeply with modern American audiences. Bishop Joseph Perry of Chicago, postulator for Fr. Tolton’s canonization cause, is calling Tolton a production that will “inspire a new era of peace, hope and forgiveness in America.” Tolton is a riveting multimedia drama not to be missed.

Car-pooling from St. Raymond will happen that evening (please call the Parish Office to be added to our list of those who “need a ride” or can “give a ride”). TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE BY YOU – THE PARISH DOES NOT HAVE TICKETS AVAILABLE. Please click HERE to purchase your ticket ($10 each, no handling fee – THEY ARE GOINGF FAST WITH ONLY 350 AVAILABLE IN THE THEATER).