Welcoming Refugees

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The parish wanted to give a brief update on the Ingabire family of 6 (foster family of Irene who we welcomed last June) arriving from the Democratic Republic of Congo next Tuesday, May 29, 2018.  REST (our refugee ministry) held an organizational meeting on Sunday and we wanted to share contact information for the different team leaders.

Food Ministry – Ellen Griffin – elianora04@verizon.net – 215-300-2008

Clothing Ministry – Brenda Greene – chickwe@aol.com – 215-421-4530

Education Ministry – Mary Bell – mbell2362@gmail.com – 215-219-5667

Finance Ministry – Deacon Bill – deaconbillbradley@gmail.com – 215-869-1369

Furnishing  Ministry – Jessie Marushak – jm1625@gmail.com – 610-533-6158

Medical Ministry – Carl Laquerre – lacarde06@hotmail.com – 215-588-1606

We encourage you to reach out to one of these leaders to get involved.  In the coming days and weeks we will need assistance with transporting the family to the county assistance office, the social security office and the market as well as purchasing clothes, navigating the public transportation system and much more!

REST was also able to secure a beautiful three bed room home in the Olney neighborhood of Philadelphia and received an incredible donation of furniture and bedding today from HTN ministries.  The house is set up and ready to go!

As you may know, Espoire (who arrived in December 2017) and Irene are both doing well at work.  They continue to exceed all expectations and have done an incredible job balancing their full time jobs with paying rent and utilities and continuing to study the English language.  They will both be fantastic examples for the arriving family and help guide them in these first few days and weeks.

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Finally, please consider getting involved in whatever capacity you are able to assist in.  Please feel free to e-mail Dan McVey at rest@saintraymond.net or give me a call at 267-331-1682 if you have any questions.

Have a great rest of your week and please keep the family in your prayers this next week as they prepare to travel more then 6,500 miles to their new home.