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Happy Lent!

These 40 Days are a time for each Christian to look at his or her life and make intentional decisions that lead us away from sin and more and more into a life with Jesus Christ.  As people do this as individuals, we also must do it as a Parish.

Two years ago we took the Parish Survey called “The Disciple Maker Index” and now it is time to do it again!  We use this Survey to see if we have grown in the areas we targeted and learn more about the areas where we need to continue focusing for the good of you and the other members of the Parish.  The survey takes 10-15 minutes.  You will enter an email address to make sure that people are only taking the survey once; it is not used to identify you or your answers.  Please select “Archdiocese of Philadelphia” and  then “Saint Raymond of Penafort” to access our Survey.  Your participation is very important and I value your input.

I am most grateful to you for taking the Disciple Maker Index.

May God be praised by you and through you each day of this Holy Season

Fr Chris