July 1st News

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While this sign appeared on our front lawn more than two years ago, the message is still very relevent.  The world (and each one of us in it) is looking for love. In addition, we are looking for compassion, understanding, acceptance and others to walk with us on our journey. At St. Raymond, we are committed to being a place where people can find the love they are looking for with Jesus and with sisters and brothers who are also finding love in Jesus.

The meeting of the Discipleship Team that was scheduled for this evenign (Wed., July 1st) needs to be rescheduled due to some conflicts on the calendars of a few people who expressed interest in serving on the Team. The first meeting for the new Discipleship Team will be held on Tuesday, July 14th at 7pm in the Rectory.  This Team will work with Father Chris on developing our Pastoral Plan to reach the thousands of people in our community who are longing for a place to find the love they are seeking!  If you are interested in joining the Discipleship Team, please contact Fr. Chris.

This past Friday’s decision by the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage has led to much discussion in our families and Churches.  Of course our Catholic Faith does not take direction from the Supreme Court of the US or any other nation but from God alone.  We must remember that in the past the Supreme Court also ruled that black people were not entitles to the same rights as white people (Dred Scott, 1857), in favor of segregated schools (Plessy-Furguson, 1896), and that killing an unborn child was a person’s right (Roe-Wade, 1972) to name a few of their bad decisions.  How are Catholics supposed to frame our understanding of this decision?  What do we do?  Perhaps take a moment to read this insightful article.  Fr. Barron offers some thoughts too.  Try HERE is you are still trying to understand why our Catholic Faith does not think gay marriage (or gay sex) is good for people (remember, we really do love people and want them to be happy!)

Two weeks ago Pope Francis released a new encyclical (form of teahcing) urging us to see ourselves as creatures with a responsibility to be good stewards of the world.  Here are some basics on the encyclical called “Praised be to YOU“.

Are you interested in joining us to attend the World Meeting of Families in September (the days before the Pope arrives in Philadelphia).  Take a few minutes to look at the speakers and topics and then prayerfully decide if you can attend (we have 30 scholarships available).  We need to register within the next two weeks so please contact Arleen Daniels in our Parish Office.

As we prepare for Pope Francis, our parish will host a great variety of events.  Please stay informed and plan to join us on Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm or Sundays (Noon to 1:30pm) for a series of presentations that will prepare us for the events happening in September.  There is no cost; join us in the air conditioned Rectory Basement Meeting Room. July 15th/July 19thWhy do we have a Pope & just who is Pope Francis? July 22nd/July 26thPope Francis’ Vision for St. Raymond Parish; July 29th/August 2ndPope Francis wants us all Preaching the Good News; August 5th/August 9thPope Francis wants the Gospel to impact WalMart & More; August 12th/August 16th – WMOF: What was God thinking when He made Man & Woman?; August 19th/August 23rdWMOF: God’s Plan for Human Sexuality & Marriage; August 26th/August 30thWMOF: Welcoming and Raising Children in Holy Families; Sept. 2nd/Sept. 6thWMOF: When things don’t go so well…healing and hope in times of trouble in Families; Sept. 9th/Sept. 13thWMOF: Cherishing Life when he doesn’t have a name or she forgets her name; September 16thHoly Hour for Families and God’s Blessing on Papal Visit