July 22nd News

st mary mag

Today the Church honors the memory of St. Mary Magdalene, a dear friend of Jesus and one of the first disciples.  This woman made the choice to leave behind her sin and be very intentional in her choices to follow our Lord Jesus.  Have you made that choice? 

Did you read this past weekend’s Bulletin?  Were you are Mass at another Church and wanted to experience our 10am worship or listen to the homily?  Watch our recording now!  Remember, Mass EVERY WEEK…if you want to blessings to come down, let the praises go UP!

Do you prepare for Mass each week?  If we want Holy Mass to truly be the high point of our week, we need to invest time getting reading.  Try this resource as as you get ready for the coming weekend.

Have you had a chance to visit the website for the World Meeting of Families?  You may also want to Like them on Facebook to stay informed as we prepare for the visit of Pope Francis next September!

July 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act which marked an end to legal discrimination in our country and began to address the wrongs that had become part of the fabric of our nation.  The US Bishops have collection a variety of memories on this occasion and you may also want to watch this video.

Have a blessed week, continue to walk with the Lord and let the Lord walk with you!