News for June 26th

Peace to you and your family!

On Friday we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  This ancient devotion is an opportunity to realize the love that flows to each of us from the heart of our Lord Jesus.  Make time on Friday to reflect on His love for you (and your love for HIM)!

Did you read last week’s Bulletin?  Stay up to date on all the Good News about St Raymond…lots of opportunities to grow in faith and service!

Join us for Gospel Meets Symphony on July 19th at 8pm at the Mann Music Center.  We are getting 30 FREE tickets and have room for 15 on our bus.  Call the Parish Office and let Michelle Downing know you are joining us (please, even though the tickets are free we ask that you commit to going as we do not want to turn others away and have you drop out at the end and waste a ticket…please!)

Please be patient as we continue to resolve sound issues in the Church…we are “almost there”…let us know if you have ideas, concerns…we can’t fix what we do not know is a problem!

Please pray for our young people who are headed on retreat…the girls are going to a Youth Conference in Ohio with Janice Mason on Friday and the boys are headed to a Retreat in Lancaster on Sunday night with Deacon Bill… may God do great things in their lives and strengthen the brave adults with them!

Continue to pray for our nation and religion freedom during our Fortnight for Freedom...we must remain on guard!  Plan to be with us Friday, July 4th for Mass at 9am in the Church…what a great way to start our Independence Day – by showing our dependence on God!

Let us continue to pray for our sick (Vincent Marsh, Mary Porcea, Vera Sousa, Lynda Lancaster); those looking for work and new homes; those being called to serve the Church as priests, religious or deacons; those who are making steps towards more intentional discipleship with the Lord and for greater holiness in our families!