Pentecost 2014

This weekend we join Christians throughout the world for the celebration of Pentecost.  Often called “The Birthday of the Church” it was the event when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples who had been preparing to receive this gift of Jesus.  Once the Holy Spirit was received, they went into the world and proclaimed Jesus Christ with zeal and conviction.  May the same be said of us!  Watch this video which helps you understand Pentecost in two minutes!

Did you miss getting a bulletin last weekend?  Keep up with the great things happening at St Raymond HERE.  If you want to enjoy last Sunday’s celebration of Holy Mass, you can do that HERE.  Be sure to join us this Saturday at 5pm or Sunday at 10am.  Remember, we are having our Pentecost Celebration after Sunday Mass for those who responded that they would be joining us!

Happy 1st Anniversary Deacon Bill!  On June 1st Deacon Bill Bradley celebrated his one year anniversary as a deacon of the Church.  His presence and ministry are a blessing to our parish.  Do you remember his ordination?    Do you have an interest in learning more about the ministry of the Diaconate in the Catholic Church?  Congratulations Deacon Bill – may God bless you with many more years of service in His holy name!

Over the past seven weeks a small group of parishioners have participated in our first Discovering Christ Course.  These weeks have allowed us the opportunity to learn more about Jesus Christ, share our own story of faith and renew our commitment to Christ as His disciples.  On Monday, July 7th we will begin our second course…will you join us?  Guess who would love to have you there?

Fr. Chris is right…I want you there! Please plan to join us.

Last weekend brought sad news to many parishes across the Church of Philadelphia as they learned about their Parish Church merging or closing.  Please pray for our sisters and brothers in their time of transition.  May the Holy Spirit bring about something new and wonderful from this pain.

Next week (June 9, 10 and 11) Evangelist Richard Lane will return to Philadelphia for a Revival Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Our Lady of Hope Church (across from Einstein Hospital on Broad Street).  Richard has been to St. Raymond twice in the past; please join him at OL Hope at 7pm and allow the Spirit of God to fall afresh on you!

Please offer a Prayer for those Graduating from St. Raymond School on Wednesday; may the seed of faith sown in their heart bear great fruit for the Kingdom of God.  Pray for our sick brothers and sisters and all in need of renewal in their walk with the Lord.  Pray for an end to violence in our city…in homes, on street corners and in the womb!

If you know a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy?  Help is here!