Ash Wednesday 2014

Turn away from sin…believe in the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Need a 2 minute video reminder of what we are about to begin?  Watch this great VIDEO.

Our Parish Family will gather this Wednesday, March 5th for the launch of Lent.  There will be Mass at 8am, a Prayer Service (which will include our school children) at 11:30am as well as Mass at 7pm.  All services will be held in the Church.  If you are unable to join us at St. Raymond, perhaps you can find a Church close to your home or work…use as a resource.

On Thursday we will launch “Dinner and Devotion” – inviting you, your family, your neighbors and your children to join us for Light Dinner (soup) and a Devotion (which this week will be the Biblical Stations of the Cross).  No charge at all…we will gather in the Sister Rosemary Room at 6pm and conclude by 7:30pm (we promise).  Here is flyer on future Thursdays…

During Lent we will also offer a 7pm Mass on Tuesday evenings…a wonderful chance for you and your family to join us for Word and Sacrament….we gather in the Chapel (at the top of the ramp).

As we approach the First Sunday of Lent, can you make time to Prayerfully Prepare for Sunday with the Word of God?

Some Catholics have expressed concern about the morality of “Obamacare” due to its mandate for contraceptive and abortion services.  The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers Health Insurance and Catholic Ethics

Did you see last week’s bulletin?  Did you want to watch the video of last Sundays Mass?  Pope Francis also wants to offer you his Lenten Message.

Please continue to pray for our sisters and brothers who are sick, unemployed, not feeling the love of God or experiencing some other need…God is with us all…always!


Lenten image