Happy Lent!

Lenten image

The 40 day journey towards Easter has begun.  How is your journey going?  How is your first Friday without meat (we hope you remembered)?  Did you know that Catholics are actually expected to abstain from meat EVERY Friday throughout the year – or to engage in a similar act of penance as we seek to be converted from our sin?

Even if the first few days of Lent did not start off too well, today is a new day and so is tomorrow.  As the Scriptures told us on Ash Wednesday – today is the day of salvation (and praise God that it is always today – amen!)

On Monday we will begin the next ALPHA Course as well as our Bible Study on the Acts of the Apostles.  Both sessions will begin at 7pm on Monday in the Rectory basement.  All are most welcome.

Can you make time for Mass during the week (yes, some people go to Mass on days other than Sunday).  Mass is Monday to Thursday at 8am as well as Saturday at 8am and Tuesday at 7pm (for Lent).  There is Adoration of the Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament all day on Thursday as well – come and adore the Lord!

Lent 2013 at Saint Raymond Church

LENT Calendar 2012 at Saint Raymond of Penafort