Blue Ribbon Commission

The Catholic Church throughout the world, and especially in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, has a proud history of education at every level: preschool, elementary, secondary and higher education.  Many of the advances  in the cause of educating women and minorities has come through the effort of our Church.  The current reality is that the Archdiocese has more desks than students: some say we have too many schools, others that we do not have enough children in the schools (which is due to a great number of causes).  In any case the cost of continuing to operate the number of elementary and secondary schools exceeds the resources available.

Over many months a “Blue Ribbon Commission” has been studying the schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and they presented their findings on Friday, Janaury 6th.

Follow the new planning for schools at Faith in the Future

Blue Ribbon Commission Report

You may view the press conference on the webite of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

More information will be share here as it comes available.

Information about the Blue Ribbon Commission

“The Future of Catholic Education” (magazine article)

Making God Known, Love and Served (a study by Notre Dame University)

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