Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis

The sexual abuse of children remains one of the greastest acts of violence in society.  It robs children of their innocence, scars they family and wounds the fabric of a culture.  When the abuse happens within a faith community, the wounds are even deeper as the journey of faith is impacted.  The St. Raymond Community seeks to be an instrument of healing for all who have been wounded in any way by the sexual abuse crisis that become known in the Church since 2002.

To read Fr. Chris’ summary of the crisis. click HERE

To read the responses of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, click HERE.

You may also wish to visit the following sites to learn more:

Pray for healing for all who are involved in this crisis: pray for those who have been victimized and now live as survivors; pray for families who struggle to deal with this horror; pray for the conversion of those who did those horrible things and those who covered it up; pray for our Pope and Bishops that they have the wisdom to guide us; pray for the priests who serve with humility and generosity in this difficult time.  Come Holy Spirit!

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